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Bert Trautmann Manchester City The Biography
Bert Trautmann Manchester City The Biography
A Breedon Book

Bert Trautmann Manchester City The Biography

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In April 1945, a group of bedraggled, weary German prisoners of war landed at Tilbury after being captured during the last days of the war. They were dispersed to prison camps throughout England, and one of their number, a confused 22-year-old veteran of some of the harshest conditions and hardest battles experienced by the German forces, found himself in south-east Lancashire. His name was Bernhard Carl Trautmann, later to become famous as Bert. This book is the complete story, from his early life in Bremen, where he was born and raised in the seething political climate of the 1920s, to his involvement with the Hitler Youth movement and extraordinary war experiences, to his internment at prisoner of war Camp 50, until his signing by Manchester City in 1949 amid a barrage of controversy and prejudice. Trautmann ran the gauntlet of racial hatred to become, without doubt, one of the greatest goalkeepers ever seen. He played in two successive FA Cup finals, in 1955 and 1956, the latter year bringing him into world focus when he sustained a broken neck. Yet he continued with the game! Within weeks of that Cup Final, he suffered further appalling personal tragedy, amid turmoil in his home life, as he fought to regain his fitness. This is an exciting story of courage and humour, and it gives a rare insight into the professional football world of the 1950s and 1960s, while recording with candour Trautmann's often turbulent personal and professional life. This biography, written with Bert Trautmann's full cooperation, includes dialogue that reflects the earthy vocabulary of soldiers and footballers.

Published by Breedon Books Publishing Co., Ltd., 2005, 256 pages with illustrations.

Never been opened Soft Cover all in MINT condition

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