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Accrington Stanley Football Club
Accrington Stanley Football Club
Accrington Stanley Football Club
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Accrington Stanley Football Club

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Are you? a family member or an ancestor in one of the 100's of photos?

The complete history of the largest "little football club in the world" is told through this collection of images and artefacts. Because of the club's 1962 departure from the Football League and the enduring connotation of a bygone era that progress has seemingly washed away, Accrington Stanley's name has regrettably come to represent tragic failure in football. But such corny assessments mask a rich history and a tale that is both heartwarming and reassuring.Accrington Stanley began as just another local team in 1893, yet Stanley persevered and made progress while other teams folded or stalled. They developed into one of the most potent semi-professional teams in the North of England, and they were chosen to represent Accrington in the Football League once more in 1921. The League era of Accrington Stanley is discussed in great detail. In general, it was a difficult time, but there were occasional bright spots, like Blackbum Rovers' FA Cup victory and Walter Galbraith's brief but thrilling rule. A number of photos, many of which are released for the first time, are included with the detailed account of all these tales, along with the dramatic departure from the Football League. However, the tale of Accrington Stanley does not conclude in 1962. With the hope that Accrington Stanley would one day rejoin the Football League, a group of devoted and fiercely motivated fans set out to revive the club within two years of its eventual dissolution in 1966. They had nothing at all to begin with, and their tale of laborious, piecemeal development is an uplifting one of devotion and optimism. Whether it brings back pleasant memories or offers an intriguingThis pictorial history is a must-have for all Stanley followers and will excite football lovers with its insight into a bygone era.I'm intrigued as to why Accrington Stanley's name is so enduring in the football community.
Publisher: Tempus Publishing Limited (2001) Paperback: 128 pages
The Book is in very good condition and will enhance any collection
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