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British Football's Greatest Grounds
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British Football's Greatest Grounds

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One Hundred Must-See Football Venues

With full colour photos and remarks from some of the biggest names in sports, this gorgeous hardback volume introduces you to 100 must-see football venues around the United Kingdom.

Have you ever desired to see some of Britain's most picturesque, significant, or historic football grounds but weren't sure where to begin or what to bring? Mike Bayly provides a bucket list of locations to watch football in England, Wales, and Scotland that have been selected by supporters worldwide in his book British Football's Greatest Grounds.

The reader is introduced to a wide and often astounding variety of football stadiums in Britain via this first-of-its-kind book. It encompasses lesser-known grounds tucked up close to castles, beaches, cathedrals, and mountain ranges, as well as contemporary Premier League stadiums in major towns, in addition to the oldest, largest, and tallest that our country has to offer.

British Football's Greatest Grounds is a guidebook and a love letter to the history, people, and locations that best represent our distinctive football environment. It includes stunning photos shot by renowned sports photographers as well as written contributions from prominent industry personalities. It will undoubtedly have you thinking about your next football vacation.

"Meticulously researched, beautifully presented... as the culmination of a seven-year effort, proof that some things are worth the wait." --The magazine When Saturday Comes
Another excellent work published by Pitch Publishing. Your bookshelf is lacking if it isn't already in your reference library." -- Earthbound Magazine
"Beautifully illustrated." --2020's The Scotsman's Best Books
Each ground is beautifully photographed in colour and well detailed. This is almost the ideal coffee table read, and football fans won't be the only ones enjoying it. Prepare to discover the astounding depth of British football culture and the reasons it has to be conserved." -- The Athlete
"An exceptional book that emphasises the sheer scale and diversity of football in the British Isles." --Tackle Magazine Late
In mint condition Hardcover with dust jacket, 320 Pages, Published in 2020 by Pitch  Publishing Ltd

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