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Everton Football Club
Everton Football Club
Everton Football Club
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Everton Football Club

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Are you? a family member or an ancestor in one of the 100's of photos?

This collection of authentic material and photographs traces the history of this honoured and enthusiastically supported club, starting in the early years when the team was still playing at Stanley Park and ending in 1946. It depicts the high points of the club's history from 1878 to 1946, recounts Football League and FA Cup victories, and offers glimpses into the players' and the team's daily lives. This visual history features a number of well-known players, including Joe Mercer, Sam Chedgzoy, Albert Geldard, Dixie Dean, Mack Sharp, and Tommy Lawton. The list includes less well-known players as well as some of the club's greatest inventions, like the adoption of goal nets and telegraphic indicators for scoreboards, which revolutionised football as a whole. This fascinating history, written by renowned football historian Jonathan Rowlands and illustrated with over 200 photos with in-depth descriptions, is sure to thrill Everton supporters everywhere.
Publisher: Tempus Publishing Limited (1998) Paperback: 128 pages
The Book is in very good condition and will enhance any collection
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