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Play Like a Girl: A Celebration of Girls and Women in Soccer

Play Like a Girl: A Celebration of Girls and Women in Soccer

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With the newsworthy USWNT World Cup championship in 2019, excitement for women's soccer has never been greater. And now, here's Play Like a Girl from Kate T. Parker, author of the phenomenal Strong Is the New Pretty series and the New York Times bestseller The Heart of a Boy, together with 608,000 copies in print.

Women's soccer is Kate's first love, and in this new book she brings together a powerful collection of photographs of players of all ages and skill levels, from the charismatic Megan Rapinoe (see below) and ultimate soccer mom Jessica McDonald to the legendary Michelle Akers to girls as young as four who are just learning to kick the ball. Organized into ten chapters around ten life lessons that the game has to teach, and with quotations from each of the subjects photographed, it's an inspiring celebration of that very special power the game of soccer has to shape the lives of young women. How it builds confidence. Develops the chemistry of teamwork. Instills body positivity. Teaches them how to accept both winning and losing. And above all, how it gives girls the freedom and space to be fierce, funny, competitive--and to play really hard.

8 year olds and up --paperback 208 pages

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