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The Beautiful Badge
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The Beautiful Badge

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The Stories Behind the Football Club Badge

Following their evolution from hand-embroidered motifs on home-knitted jerseys in the 1860s to today's multi-million pound brands, the badges of England's football clubs have a fascinating history that is told in The Beautiful Badge. As well as discussing hammers, cannons, and Liver birds, the book discloses the TV star who created Aldershot Town FC's logo, the GBP10 sketch that became the opposition's badge, and the relationship between Peterhead FC and Viz comic. Over the years, the emblems of some teams have changed ten or more times, from the heraldry of their hometowns to cartoon insects and initials. Changing logos is common after a promotion, stadium change, or problematic owner. Conflicts between clubs and fans over modifications to their cherished emblem are explored, and the impact of fashion, technology, and fans is mapped out. Can you explain the design choices that went into your team's emblem? Anyone who appreciates kicking their feet up in the locker room will appreciate The Beautiful Badge, which is required reading for football fans, historians, and designers.

In mint condition Hardcover with dust jacket, 224 Pages, Published in 2020 by Pitch  Publishing Ltd

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