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Welcome and thank you for visiting our site we have been trading on the internet since 1996.
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England v Serbia Euros 2024, 16 June 2024

Bob Foster EUROS 2024 football soccer

Serbia outperformed the England football squad, dominating for the last 60 minutes! It was a perfect example of Southgate's England, demonstrating hostility and complete inability under pressure. The bookies just adore a major football championship with millions of pounds riding on our morons to win it; letting Phil Foden roam didn't work, and his flat performance was a major concern. The Manchester City midfielder seldom gives the ball away at club level, but he was charitable here, routinely passing it to Serbia in the second half. Phil Foden isn't good enough. All of these reasons for changing centres are meaningless. Great players can play anywhere on the pitch. Phil Foden should be dropped. Trent Alexandra Arnold looked like he'd never played a game in midfield. Square pegs in circular holes.
Gareth Southgate, the manager, instills a sour attitude in the England team. For proof, listen to Harry Kane's post-match BBC interview. He remarked, "My objective was to hold the ball up and get fouls. Where is the will to score and win two or three nil?" We have seen this before in England under Southgate: the team looked lively for 30 minutes, took the lead, but then returned to passive play, putting us on the back foot. Gareth Southgate never learns; therefore, even if we make it to the semi-finals, we will eventually lose to France. England has little chance of winning the Euro 2024 tournament with Gareth Southgate in charge; he hasn't changed tactics since his debut in 2018. He's learned nothing. The main concern is that England advances to the semi-finals; the FA considers this a success and awards him a new four-year contract. Gareth Southgate fails to unleash the full potential of his gifted side, appearing more concerned with maintaining a drawbridge attitude whenever England takes a modest lead.
Has he learned anything from the semi-finals and finals that we lost about using your attacking options to end the game and not allowing the opposition to come back? His "park and bus" game strategy allowed Serbia to regularly assault us in the second half, which we were fortunate not to concede. We will face stiff competition from some of the top teams, who are far stronger than they were in previous Euros and FIFA World Cups. England are only favourites because of the high-profile names in the squad. England will advance out of the group stage, and that will be it. The team's great imbalance makes it vulnerable to superior opponents, especially in the back. The England team's movements, both forward and sideways, are all to predictable.

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