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Colchester, Essex
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Colchester, Essex

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Are you a family member or an ancestor in one of the 100's of pictures?

Throughout its lengthy history, the town of Colchester—once thought to be the capital of Roman Britain—has experienced numerous events and transformations. The town's history is covered in this book, starting with its early Celtic ancestry and Roman colonisation and continuing through the plague and civil war, the Victorian era's entrepreneurship and social reform, and the twentieth-century development of industry and contemporary Colchester. The town still has an intriguing blend of old and modern, even with the massive amount of new construction that has been done. A walking tour of the town is included in the book, which takes the reader to historical sites in and around the town centre and begins and ends at the War Memorial. It allows locals and tourists to go back in time via Colchester's historical streets and structures, and it may be consulted independently of the book's primary narrative.

Publisher: Tempus Publishing Limited (1998) Paperback: 128 pages
The Book is in very good condition and will enhance any collection

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