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Gillingham Football Club The League Years Book
Gillingham Football Club The League Years Book
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Gillingham Football Club The League Years Book

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Whether or not you have been supporting the ‘Gills since their re-election to the Football League in 1950 or just for the past five years, everybody has their favourite player and best XI. This book celebrates fifty years of Gillingham FC's renewed
league status, and features a whole range of players, from famous names such as John Simpson, Ron Hillyard, Jimmy Boswell and Mark Weatherly,to those whose senior career with the club lasted just a few brief minutes as a substitute.
Written by Roger Triggs, the official historian and archivist for Gillingham FC, this book contains comprehensive statistical data on every player who has ever played for the team in a league match since 1950. Numerous players are also the focus of a biographical profile. It is presented in an easy-to-read tabular style for the years 1920–1958.
With almost 400 images, this reference book allows fans of all ages to reminisce about former players from the team's past. No Gillingham supporter can afford to be without it since it is a veritable gold mine of club memories.

There are illustrations on nearly every page of the 352 pages that NPI Media Group published in 2001. Softcover in very good condition.

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