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Derby County A Complete Record
A Breedon Book

Derby County A Complete Record

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The Book has never been opened Hardback with Dust jacket, all in MINT condition

Derby County: The Complete Record is the next title to be published in the ground-breaking Complete Record Series by Breedon Publishing. This book, which Gerald Mortimer wrote with the club's official support, contains information on more than 100 years of Derby history. The history of the club is covered in fascinating detail, highlighting particular seasons of interest, such as winning promotion or a trophy. Biographies of 100 of Derby's top players of all time are included, along with a brief summary of the player's career and their impact on the team. Also included are biographies of every manager to take the reins at Derby, with particular emphasis placed on their impact on the team and their legacy in the fans' memories. One section focuses entirely on legendary matches, covering cup finals, key matches that clinched all important promotion places, and games that saved the club from relegation. Also included is the all important season-by-season history section, containing information on every game and every player, the final league table, and a 'Did you know?' section containing intriguing facts for that season. Derby County: The Complete Record is a real treasure trove of memories that is sure to delight all Rams supporters, as well as everyone with an interest in the beautiful game. Dust-wrapper, Mint. Published by Breedon Books in 2012. The quoted cost includes courier costs within the UK.

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