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The Beautiful History
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The Beautiful History

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The Stories Behind the Football Club Badge

The Beautiful History charts the fascinating history of Britain through its football badges. From Premier League giants to nonleague sides, the book covers over 100 clubs, revealing the story behind each badge motif and linking it to a historical event. Delving deep into our nation’s past, from early times to the present day, each badge is celebrated with a beautiful illustration to help bring the story to life. Why did a Viking standing on a thistle give the game away and end their occupation of mainland Scotland? What is the connection between canaries and 16th-century refugees? Which team celebrates the Battle of Britain on its badge, and why? Ever wonder who Blackbeard was or why some badges incorporate a rose or bee? The Beautiful History holds all the answers and links football to key dates like 1066 and 1588, with tales that are often surprising, quirky or laugh-out-loud funny. An engaging, informative and fun book for fans of all ages, it includes activities, places to visit, a football timeline and a quiz.

In mint condition, Hardcover with dust jacket, 224 Pages, Published in 2020 by Pitch Publishing Ltd
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