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Witham, Essex
Witham, Essex
Witham, Essex
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Witham, Essex

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Are you a family member or an ancestor in one of the 100's of pictures?

This intriguing compilation of 230 old photos from Witham's archives captures over 150 years of the town's history. 1986 is the oldest date, while 1999 is the most recent. More than 200 of them, or the great majority, have never been published. Some are from the Witham family's own priceless photo collections, while others are from renowned institutions. On these pages, readers can identify themselves or their friends and family! This portrays any number of the town's historic homes, stores, including Spurge's and Turners, and Witham's first supermarket. Several of the locations shown, such as Trafalgar Square, Paradise Row, and the Nicky Nocks, are no longer there but are still remembered. While their parents are working in industries like Pinkham's and Crittall's or on the farm, there are youngsters playing and attending school. Illustrations of wartime living and a few of the VE Day street celebrations are shown. Post-war events are also remembered, such as the Queen's 1958 drive along Newland Street, the major freeze of 1963, and the opening of new establishments like the Bramston Sports Centre. Apart from the images, there are other sketches from the nineteenth century, billheads from nearby companies, and advertising. The choice was made by local author Janet Gyford, whose captions offer a plethora of interesting details, including animated remarks from Witham locals.

Publisher: Tempus Publishing Limited (1999) Paperback: 128 pages
The Book is in very good condition and will enhance any collection

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