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Football books and Magazines published in the late 1940's progressing to the early 1960's used a unique photographic process, the photograph was taken on a large format camera the negative (the plate) created an extremely high quality finished print. The print was then hand coloured/tinted giving an innovative effect. In many cases features were added like the crowed in the background sometimes even the ball.

The best known Publisher to use this process was L.T.A Robinson in their Publication The Big Book of Football Champions; Charles Buchan also used the same agency 'Topical Colour Process Syndicate Ltd (London) in the Football Monthly Magazine and the Soccer Gift Book.

The Two Stan's of Blackpool FC

The full colour photo above of The Two Stanley's was carefully removed from a 1948 -49 season annual, The photo has been signed as follows: 'Best Wishes Stanley Matthews' and 'Best Regards Stan Mortensen'. The signing of the photo took place between between 1950 - 1951. This is indeed a special piece of football memorabilia probably the only one in existence. Professionally mounted and framed behind non-reflective glass a truly wonderful collector's item that will grace any wall with a football theme.

Both have signed the print in ink pen, both signatures are the best examples you are ever likely to come across Stanley Matthews has signed ‘Stanley’ not just the ‘S’ or ‘Stan’ which feature in most signatures.

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