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Plymouth Argyle Football Club
Plymouth Argyle Football Club
Plymouth Argyle Football Club
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Plymouth Argyle Football Club

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Are you a family member or an ancestor in one of the 100's of pictures?

Despite not having reached its maximum potential as Devon's "sleeping giant," Fans of Plymouth Argyle have a strong sense of attachment to the team. Journalist, radio host, and aficionado Gordon Sparks has collected more than 200 images, cartoons, clippings, and other miscellaneous artefacts in this book to highlight some of the most noteworthy events in the clan's history.Images from the cluh's founding days, the 1929/.30 team that won the Division Three (South) Championship, the squad that placed fourth in the Second Division in 1931–1932, a number of promotion teams, and some incredible runs in the FA and League Cups are all included in this collection. Certain goods are extremely uncommon. Images from the 1924 tour of South America, the 193.3 match against Vienna, one of the 1954 matches against Borussia Dortmund in the USA, the menu from the inaugural supporters' club annual dinner, the original grandstand plans, and a poster from the 1963 tour of Eastern Europe are just a few examples!This visual exploration of Plymouth Argyle'sFor those who have long supported the team, the past will bring back many memories, and for others who have just recently become fans of the Pilgrims' advancement, it will offer a clear window into the past.

Publisher: Tempus Publishing Limited (1998) Paperback: 128 pages
The Book is in very good condition and will enhance any collection

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