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The FA Book for Boys 1st Edition 1947-1948
The FA Book for Boys 1st Edition 1947-1948
The Naldrett Press

The FA Book for Boys 1st Edition 1947-1948

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The 1st Edition of the series The Football Association Book For Boys 1947-1948. A very rare collectable hardback book from the 1947-1948 season highlights football from that era. Fascinating book with many pictures and illustrations, stories, articles, quizzes, tips, league tables etc etc.

The Annual:  Published by The Naldrett Press, London 1948 • 192 pages • Not in good condition, inside pages in good condition. The hardback covers are a wee shabby, No dust jacket

Now protected with Archival Dust Jacket Sleeving

We trade in football books and annuals from the 1940’s to the 1960’s,The Charles Buchan Football Monthly Magazine and retired players signed photos. Books signed by the author are also a speciality mainly from the quality Publishing houses of the day, Stanley Paul, Museum and Pelham to name just a few.

Football Annuals

Mass market soccer annuals, were first published just after the war, The Boys Book of Soccer being the first published by Evans Brothers in 1945 was printed on war economy standard paper other popular annuals that followed The FA Book for Boys 1947, Sampson Low Marston Series 1949, The Big Book of Football Champions 1950, Charles Buchan’s Soccer Gift Book 1953, The Topical Times Football Book 1959, in mid 1960's Publishing Houses launched Players Annuals, Billy Wright, Denis Law and many more.
With 100's of collectors of the early annuals we do hope we can help some of you with your collections by supplying missing editions to upgrading your collection. We have several editions all in very good condition.


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